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How little is necessary to create something out of it? When I asked myself this question many years ago,

I was in a comunidad in Teofilo Otoni, Brazil.

Let's take a piece of paper and a knife, and then let's go

out of bounds II (2023)
out of bounds (2023)
chrysanthemum circle, partially gilded
out of bounds (2023) detail
the reef I, fine art paper, hand cut and folded, silhouette cut
layers (2022)
layers (2022), detail
intertwined / verflochten IV 2022
the reef I
paeonia I
intertwined / verflochten III (2022)
quasicrystal V
quasicrystal V
portrait of a flower (zero II)
leaves and olives
die Weite des Himmels (three cranes)
cherry blossoms I
cherry blossoms I
quasicrystal I
falling leaves
quasicrystal I
kinetic paper art, floral, botanical
a fibonacci study
sun leaves paper art 3D hand cut
Leaves covered gardens IV - 1
haiku what is time
waterfall / Wasserfall I
sunflower floral paper art hand cut
caleidoscope, mandala, paper art cut
universe, entropy paper cut, spiral
portrait of a flower (zero II)
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